NanoSpace Systems LLC

NanoSpace Systems LLC (NSS) provides consulting and engineering services for small satellite developers. NSS engineers and consultants have decades of experience in management, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, software engineering, thermal engineering, communications, electro-optics, mission design, space environments, orbital debris and re-entry disposal assessment, production, safety, test, delivery and operations of small satellite systems.

NSS can advise you and/or provide direct support to your spacecraft and payload projects in the areas of:
  • Mission Proposals
  • Project Management
  • Systems Engineering (Requirements Management, Spacecraft Sizing, Power, Propulsion, Orbit Analysis)
  • Risk Management
  • Safety and Mission Assurance/Quality Assurance
  • Radiation Tolerance Analysis
  • Orbital Debris Assessment Reports
  • Precision Spacecraft and Payload Thermal Control
  • High Performance Electro-optical Systems
  • Science and Technology including physics-based and biology-based space experiments
  • Payload Development (high-throughput communications PL, biology, remote sensing, and physics payloads)
  • Spacecraft Development
  • Launch Service Guidance
  • Mission Operations
  • Ground Systems
  • Laboratory Systems, Instrumentation, Test Equipment
NSS Customers and Projects:
  • ATD-1 Air Traffic Management Advanced Technology Demonstrator
  • LADEE (Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer)
  • LCROSS Lunar Impactor (Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite)
  • O/OREOS (Organisms/Organics Exposure to Orbital Stress satellite)
  • GeneSat (Genetics nano-Satellite)
  • PharmaSat (Pharmaceutical nano-Satellite)
  • MisST (MicroSatellite in situ Space Technology)
  • NLAS (Nanosatellite Launch Adapter System)
  • CRuSR (Commercial Reusable Suborbital Research)
  • 2nd Generation Reusable Launch Vehicle IVHM
  • Standard Interface Glove Box (Space Shuttle Payload)
  • Numerous small satellite and planetary mission proposals

Commercial Customers Projects (company names are confidential):

  • High performance Earth remote sensing constellation
  • LEO space-based communications network constellation (hundreds of high throughput spacecraft)
Hawaiian Space Flight Laboratory, U. Hawaii at Manoa:
  • HawaiiSat/HiakaSat

Other Customers (names are confidential):

  • Space mission and technology development proposals in LEO and GEO

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