NanoSpace Systems LLC

Biography For David D. Squires, CEO:
Dave Squires
received a BS/EE from CSU, Sacramento in 1991. Dave delivered engineering results over 24 years as a NASA contractor, designing and managing development of high performance laboratory control systems, space shuttle payloads, and small spacecraft. Disciplines supported include controls and electronics systems for experiments in aerodynamics, aero-thermal re-entry, space neuro-vestibular effects, IR telescope sensor development, instrument calibration, pilot/astronaut physiological effects and remediation, a Space Shuttle mid-deck rack payload, nanosatellite systems engineering, and lunar mission risk management. In 1994, Dave became supervisor of an electrical engineering, instrumentation, and controls group, subsequently developing and managing the Ames-led Integrated Vehicle Health Management Systems Analysis and Optimization project, developing risk management tools, and  performing suborbital science requirements analysis for Ames’ Earth Science Project Office. In 2003, Dave became site manager of a GSA contract to support Micro and Nano Spacecraft and Payloads (MNSP) projects. Since 2003, Dave has been almost exclusively involved in small satellite project management and air traffic management systems engineering. Dave is now an independent consultant, CEO of NSS, and serving as the proposal developer, lead systems engineer, risk manager, and project manager on multiple commercial and government-funded projects.

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